56. From Startup to Industry Leader with John Newman from Athena Manufacturing

June 19th, 2024
Athena ManufacturingJohn Newman
Paul sits down with John Neumann from Athena Manufacturing, a 200-person machining and fabrication company in Austin, Texas. John shares his remarkable journey of growing two successful companies in the manufacturing industry. Starting with a small six-person shop in 1995, John and his partner Bill Johnson scaled their first business to 100 employees in just 17 months. After selling the company and briefly retiring, they found themselves back in the industry, building Athena Manufacturing into the thriving business it is today. John delves into the challenges and successes they faced, emphasizing the importance of financial controls, job costing, and building a strong company culture. He also highlights the critical role of continuous learning and workforce development in maintaining a competitive edge. John’s enthusiasm and dedication to the industry shines, and he offering valuable lessons for anyone looking to build or grow a machine shop. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation filled with practical advice and stories of resilience and innovation!

About Athena Manufacturing:
Athena Manufacturing offers precision machining, precision fabrication, mechanical assembly and mechanical design services. Our customers include prime Tier-1 OEMs in the aerospace & defense, semiconductor equipment, and many other industries.

Follow John and Athena Manufacturing on social media:
John's Personal LI: /john-newman
Company LI: /athenamfg
Website: www.athenamfg.com



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