57. Buying 4 Machine Shops in 2 Years with Mike Fritz from Quick Tek Machining Part 1

July 3rd, 2024
Quick Tek MachiningMike Fritz
Before Mike Fritz bought Quick Tek in 2022, he had been a speaker and consultant on building high-performing teams. He’s taken that skill set and decided to go all-in with the precision machining industry. After buying Quick Tek, he has quickly bought 3 more additional shops in the next 2 years. His approach is a model for how an outsider to the industry can have huge success, even without being an expert machinist. Mike is completely transparent about how he’s approached this and why he’s so passionate about supporting and building manufacturing companies. This is a can’t-miss episode, and it only part 1. Join us soon for part 2 as well!

About Quick Tek Machining:
QTM is a fast growing machine shop that serves many different industries including robotics, automotive, boating, motorcycles and more.

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