55. High Spindle Uptime & Happy Employees with Nathan Byman from Wolfram Manufacturing

June 5th, 2024
Wolfram ManufacturingNathan Byman
Before Nathan Byman started Wolfram Manufacturing in 2011, he learned a lot about what he liked and didn’t like about machining and management, at other businesses. He’s taken the best learnings (and a TON he’s learned since) to make Wolfram into a fast-growing powerhouse business that is extremely focused on technology, making chips ALL the time, and having very happy employees, who in turn delight their customers. That’s turned into a software product called OnTakt which helps them manage all the details to get that super high spindle utilization. It’s a powerful and winning formula that you’ll want to learn more about. Enjoy the conversation.

About Wolfram Manufacturing:
Wolfram Manufacturing Technologies develops, distributes, and integrates advanced technologies that enable manufacturers to run CNC machines more profitably with less operator attention. Wolfram utilizes the advanced technologies they offer daily in their production CNC shop. They are the exclusive Caron Engineering integrator for the Western US. In April of 2022, Wolfram released its software, OnTakt, a machine monitoring and production management software that systematically and permanently reduces machine downtime. Wolfram Manufacturing Technologies has an open-door policy, inviting customers and prospects to see the technology in action their Production Technology Center.

Follow Nathan and Wolfram Manufacturing on social media:
Nathan's Personal LI: /nathan-byman
Company LI: /wolfram-manufacturing-technologies
Website: www.wolframmfg.com
FB: @WolframMfg
IG: @WolframMfg
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