02. 3 Generations of Client Focused Relationships with John, Jesse and Susan from Precision Shapes

May 16th 2022
Precision Shapes Inc.Susan Palma, Jesse Palma & John Preiser
Founded in 1941 - Located in Titusville, FL Precision Shapes Specializes in High Quality Precision Machining for the Aerospace, Commercial and Defense Industries. They are AS9100:D and ISO 9001:2015 certified. In today's episode we talk about their origins, how they carved out their niche in long bar machining, which they still offer today along with modern multi-axis milling and turning. We discuss their best advice for sustaining a competitive machine shop for more than 80 years, how relationships are the key to happy customers, and how they're making sure they are focused on continuously improving every aspect of their business today.



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