04. The Power of Investing in People - Lessons from Jamie Spitzer with Precision Machine

June 15th, 2022
Precision Machine Inc.Jamie Spitzer
Jamie's story is a remarkable one. From the investment of love and support he received from family and friends when he was first starting his shop, to the sizable investment he puts back in his team today to ensure that Precision Machine is an amazing place to work, Jamie's story is a fascinating one to learn about. Jamie has some fantastic advice for any business owner on how to run a company with intention and purpose. About Precision Machine: For nearly 25 years, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses just like yours overcome manufacturing obstacles and find better solutions for their machining needs. Precision Machine owner and founder, Jamie Spitzer, spent his early career on both sides of the industry: first as an employee at a machining shop, and later for an engineering company. He saw and felt the frustration of unreliable suppliers. Witnessing how many of them would cut corners to get the job done--even at the cost of the product’s quality--he finally grew tired of it. In 1997, Jamie started his own machining business, Precision Machine, built on the foundation of personalized customer service, serious problem solving, and a company committed to integrity. Follow Jamie and Precision Machine: Personal LI: /jamiespitzerpmi Website: www.builtbyprecision.com FB: @builtbyprecision



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