10. Investing In Kids in Manufacturing and Leading with Humility with Matt Guse from MRS Machining

September 7th, 2022
MRS MachiningMatt Guse
Matt is an incredibly down to earth, humble and solid business leader who’s grown MRS Machining to a leader in the machining industry. He’s deeply invested in being an advocate for getting kids excited about the machining industry and shares lots of actionable strategies for doing that well. Listen to Matt share his wisdom, including how food and t-shirts is the key to getting kids excited about working at his shop. About MRS Machining: MRS Machining is a CNC Machining company specializing in short runs with quick delivery's and where service matters. They service the oil and gas, medical, agricultural, power generation and industrial tools. They are a ISO 9001:2008 Certified and located in Augusta, WI Follow Matt and MRS Machining: Personal LI: /matt-guse Company LI: /mrs-machining Website: www.mrsmachiningco.com



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