18. A Machine Shop Turnaround Story, Solving People and Technical Problems with Fred Stipkovitz from UltraTech Aerospace

December 28th, 2022
UltraTech Aerospace, Inc.Fred Stipkotivz
When Fred Stipkovitz was hired as the president of UltraTech Aerospace, they were looking at steep losses and had a toxic culture. In less than 1 year Fred and the team turned the place around to profitability and improved the culture significantly. They also risked it all by pushing back on a very large client who had caused them significant financial losses with some drawing errors. There are some really great takeaways from this interview that all leaders should hear. About UltraTech Aerospace: UltraTech Aerospace is a leader in providing OEM aerospace products and services to the commercial and defense industries. Located in Kansas City, Kansas, their philosophy is to achieve the highest quality standards in the aerospace industry, while creating efficiencies when producing our products—from the management level, all the way down to day-to-day operations. Follow Fred and UltraTech Aerospace: Personal LI: /fred-stipkovits-2057862a Company LI: /ultra-tech-aerospace Website: www.utaero.com



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