22. Vision and Values-Based Leadership with Eric and John from KMM Group

February 22nd, 2023
KMM GroupEric and John
KMM Group is a truly world-class machine shop near Philadelphia that specializes in doing high-precision and complex work for discerning customers. KMM is a merger of 3 companies that were owned by John and Eric. With over 100 employees, they serve the who’s who of OEM manufacturers across many industries. Eric and John share their respective company histories, and how they set the vision and values of their new combined company to build a lasting organization providing value to their employees, clients, and the world. We dig deep into the importance of coaching, and mentors, and how culture is the most important thing they have as they grow their company. They are clearly exceptional leaders, are should be an inspiration to manufacturing companies hoping to achieve even a fraction of the success that they have had. About KMM Group: The KMM Group was created from three world-class companies: The KVI Group, M&S Centerless Grinding, Inc. and Meron Medical. In combined experience we have solved extreme manufacturing challenges for over 100 years. They make components for the aerospace, medical device and advanced manufacturing industries utilizing our capabilities in milling, turning, grinding, EDM, engineering and assembly. They leverage a history of hard-earned expertise and combine it with a fresh view of manufacturing’s future to achieve extraordinary things. KMM is able to do this organically with no third party funding, keeping our interests focused entirely on our customer solutions. Follow Eric, John and KMM Group on social media: Eric's LI: /eric-wilhelm-8bb1a410 John's LI: /john-shegda-a3846515 Company LI: /kmm-group Website: www.kmmgrp.com



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