31. The Power of Intentional Planning with Angie Holt from Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing

June 28th, 2023
Rathburn Tool & ManufacturingAngie Holt
Angie Holt is the president of Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing. Rathburn is a 40-year-old 2nd generation precision machine shop in Indiana that serves the automotive, medical, safety, industrial and other markets. Since Angie took the helm from the 1st generation, she and her sisters have made huge strides in professionalizing the organization and putting emphasis on sales & marketing, family succession planning, lean manufacturing and many other initiatives. We had a great conversation and she shares a lot of great wisdom and expertise, with humility…always the hallmark of a great leader! About Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing: Precision tooled, manufacturable solutions made possible by a combination of robotics and experienced teams for companies that need their products and equipment to work well every time. Follow Angie and Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing on social media: Personal LI: /angie-holt-1b565219 Company LI: /rathburn-tool-and-manufacturing Website: www.rathburntool.com FB: @RathburnTool



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