28. How to Delegate Yourself Out of a Job - With David Hannah from G-Zero

May 17th, 2023
G-Zero CNC MachiningDavid Hannah
David bought a 2-person shop in 2007, and has grown it for the past 16 years. As he made the difficult moves to grow his shop over the years, he always kept an eye on growth and the systems and roles it would take to achieve that growth. When Dave decided not to sell his shop to a 3rd party, he created a 5 year plan to have an employee take over the business and buy it over time from him. 18 months later, he’s working 10 hours a week, doing plenty of hunting, golfing, skiing, and taking 1 month vacations, while his former floor sweeper is being groomed to be the new owner of the shop. Dave is a humble, quiet-spoken guy, but don’t be fooled, he’s a strategic executor of his plan and has a lot to share about how to do that well.



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