41. Inspiring Business Growth and Building Success: A Conversation with Eric Hagopian, CEO of Pilot Precision Products

November 17th, 2023
Pilot Precision ProductsEric Hagopian
Paul sits down with Eric Hagopian. His fascinating story starts with his grandfather's company Hoppe Technologies, which Eric eventually took over. Overtime, he sold that business and is now the CEO of Pilot Precision Products - the world's largest a leading supplier of industrial cutting tools. He shares his business experiences, particularly in transitioning from being a parts supplier to becoming an assembly company to become a "stickier" strategic supplier. Eric also highlights the significance of investing in the company's facility to make it as well-equipped as possible to impress customers and create a positive impact. It's evident that his enthusiasm for ongoing learning and adaptability in meeting customer demands is a prominent theme in the episode, and we look forward to you gaining insights from the inspirational advice he shares. Thank you for being on the show, Eric!



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