29. Launching a Machine Shop with Zero Experience with Nick Preece from Preece Machining and Assembly

May 31st, 2023
Preece Machining and AssemblyNick Preece
Nick Preece launched his machine shop, Preece Machining & Assembly (PMA) with no industry experience at all. He had gotten bitten by the machine shop bug by watching YouTube videos about machining and knew that was his path. At the age of 22, he bought a small machine, rented a tiny space, and started taking on projects - and learning a huge amount along the way. As a self-taught machinist and business owner, he admits he made a lot of mistakes, but learned from every single one. Today, PMA is a fast-growing and thriving shop. Nick’s approach to his business was inspiring for me to hear and I know you’ll be similarly inspired by his story. About Preece Machining and Assembly: Established in 2018, Preece Machining & Assembly is a precision milling shop that consistently pushes the limits of our machines. We enjoy working closely with our customers to provide the parts they need. In a fast-growing economy and industry, we work personally with our customers to give them superior products at a superior price. Follow Nick and Preece Machining & Assembly on social media: Personal LI: /nick-preece-760b21174 Company LI: /preece Website: www.machineandassembly.com IG: @pma_llc FB: @machineandassembly



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